Stead and Simpson offers you a range of stylish shoes with the all important "comfort factor"

Welcome to Stead and Simpson. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for especially since we offer such a wide variety of shoe types and styles that cater for every age group, occasion and style preference: ranging from young children's school shoes and sandals to women's and men's comfort fit and formal shoes. We have everything you require.

Stead and Simpson have 227 shoes shops around the UK, all of which are stocked with not only practical shoes but also with shoes of the latest colours, styles and fashion trends. Over the years we have become extremely well known for our diverse and ever-expanding range, so it will come as no surprise that you will find one of our shops in almost every city.

Many of our dedicated, regular customers return with the knowledge that they can rely on us to provide a wide range and choice of comfort shoes ideal for every day wear which are especially popular for those of you who like to buy a pair of shoes that not only looks great with every outfit but that are made with extra love, care and attention in order to give you ultimate comfort with every step you take.

Our range of comfortable shoes are available to both men and women and with a huge choice ranging from women's work, formal and casual shoes to men's trainers, slip-on and velcro shoes, you will be spoilt for choice. We wouldn't blame you for thinking that because many of our shoes are designed for comfort that the style and design has suffered: well we don't blame you for thinking this but you would be wrong.

All of our shoe styles and designs are well thought about which means that the only outwardly unnoticeable difference would be that the sole of the shoe is more flexible and we have popped in a cushioned in-sole. For those of you who prefer slip-ons instead of bulky laces, we have put some very discreet twin elastic gussets in at the sides of the shoes so that you can slip them on and off with little or no fuss.

So because of our great attention to detail, ability to understand, know the needs of our customer and our growing determination to keep ahead of the latest trends, you will be getting the perfect shoe for you that is currently available on the market at an affordable cost.